Cesar Educational Infrastructure Project

Cesar Educational Infrastructure Project

Cesar Educational Infrastructure Project

Product: H Beam / Hollow Section

Quantity: 1,500 MT

Location: Colombia

Project Story

We are thrilled to announce that our company was able to contribute to an incredible initiative that is making a real impact in the lives of the under-resourced students in Cesar, Columbia. From July to September of 2022, CUMIC supplied 700mt H-beam and 800mt hollow section to Colombia for a school project that is part of the progress of the Educational Infrastructure Plan. The project includes the construction of 160 new classrooms, which will improve the coverage and quality of academic training for children and young people in different municipalities of Cesar, and we couldn't be more proud of our involvement in this project.


The Educational Infrastructure Plan in Cesar is an incredibly inspiring initiative led by the Government that shows a deep commitment to education and creating better learning environments for children and young people, with a $330 billion investment. The ultimate goal is to have a total of 48 blocks built and operating, with 480 classrooms to facilitate high-quality education in this region.


Section Steel:

Section steel is a versatile and important material in the construction industry. It is a type of steel that has been formed into specific shapes, such as H-beams or C-channels, and hollow sections that are used to support structures and provide structural integrity:

1. High strength and durability

2. Flexibility and easy to work with

3. Resistance to fire and other types of damage

4. Corrosion-resistant and requires minimal maintenance

5. Recyclable and reusable

6. Versatile and can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes


Our client's dedication to creating better learning environments for students and teachers is genuinely inspiring. We are honored to have been able to contribute to the Educational Infrastructure Plan in Cesar alongside our client. We all recognize the critical role that education plays in building stronger and more resilient communities, acknowledging the importance of investing in education and supporting the next generation. In the meantime, our client managed to incorporate aesthetic value in construction, creating spaces that both inspire and motivate. We are delighted to have worked with a client with whom we share the same value. We believe that our combined efforts have made a real impact on the community!